Our Core Values


  • You are not Just the Sum of Your Parts.
  • You are not just a patient with knee pain or spine problems.
  • You are a person who deserves a partner in their health care.


We are committed to providing comprehensive, high quality non surgical
medical treatment for disorders of the joints, muscles, and spine.

With sensitivity and compassion, we work with our patients to promote good health and wellness in a professional and caring environment.


Our goal of treatment is to provide the highest level of function by treating the problems of the present with an eye on prevention of future injury, disability or pain.  The real work begins when you are through the injury.

Getting rid of the pain is just the start.

Why do I have this injury?

Some things are not preventable such as family history, genetics, or age. However, there are risk factors for disability that are in our control.

With sensitivity and compassion, we partner with our patients to identify and modify these risk factors to promote good health and wellness in a professional and caring environment.


What can I expect from Barrack Spine and Joint Medicine?

Our focus on excellence, integrity, and quality health care means you will always be treated with respect and receive the personalized attention you deserve.

Our team prides itself on delivering state-of-the-art services combined with our unique, collaborative health care approach. We utilize a combination of physical therapy, exercise, diet modification, medication and injections when necessary for a treatment plan to provide the best outcome.